Progress of Independent Innovation

“Innovation” is one of the four concepts of Litree Enterprise. Since its establishment, Litree has been focusing on the research and development, production, promotion and application of ultrafiltration membranes, built one of the world's largest ultrafiltration membrane production bases in Haikou, and gradually developed into one of the global large-scale ultrafiltration membrane and component suppliers that can independently develop high performance ultrafiltration membranes and achieve industrial production. To become a high-tech enterprises as a collection of water treatment science and technology research, ultrafiltration membrane and its components, home water purification equipment manufacturing, sales and service.

Progress of Product Research
  • In November 1992, the first Litree’s ultrafilter was lunched.

  • In early 1995, Litree ultrafilters first passed 900 days of trouble-free operation.

  • In April 1997, LH3 household water purification ultrafilter was listed in Haikou.

  • In 1998, Litree first proposed the concept of “distributed terminal dual water supply system” and developed a series of household ultrafilters.

  • In March 2002, Litree “Dayu No.1” membrane module was successfully developed.

  • On September 27, 2004, Litree PVDF ultrafiltration membrane module was released.

  • In October 2007, Litree immersed PVC alloy ultrafiltration membrane device was released.

Scientific Research Project
  • The development and industrialization of 12-inch PVC alloy ultrafiltration membrane assembly and its system equipment have been included in the key science and technology project of Haikou City.

  • “The Development and Application of PVC Alloy Capillary Ultrafiltration Membrane” was listed as a leading project of the “10th Five-Year-Plan” for national science and technology.

  • China Association of Invention and the State Intellectual Property Office have listed “Litree ultrafiltration technology” as a key recommendation of “energy-saving and emission reduction project".

  • “Industrialization of PVC membrane components and equipment for drinking water treatment", the “12th Five-Year-Plan" water special project (major scientific and technological special project for water pollution control and treatment) declared by Litree Enterprises, was approved and implemented.

  • Litree “Ultra low pressure core change-free water purification ultrafilter” listed as “2000 year Science and Technology Research project”.

  • Litree Enterprise undertakes 863 project again, and is responsible for the research of “preparation, application and engineering demonstration of composite membrane materials and membrane assemblers".

  • Litree undertakes the new 863 project and is responsible for the research of “Key technologies for the preparation of high performance PO hollow fiber/microfiltration membrane" in the project of “Development of High Performance liquid separation membrane Technology".

Water Purification as Our Mission

With water purification as our mission, Litree focuses on ultrafiltration membrane without any other concerns. The English name “LITREE" is a variation of “LITRE", which is one of the most commonly used units of measurement for water. It can be said that Litree has been related to “water" since its establishment. From a little-known private small enterprise to becoming one of the leading brands in the global membrane separation industry, Litree has opened up its own road of independent innovation.

Ultrafiltration Membrane as Our Core of Innovative Product System

A thin capillary ultrafiltrationmembrane is the achievement of Litree people over the years ofpainstaking efforts, affecting the traditional water treatment industry. Thekey to the success of Litree's ultrafiltration membranetechnology is that it adopts the appropriate method to reduce the cost ofhigh-quality ultrafiltration membrane to a level that can be widely used in thewater treatment industry, so that the traditional water treatment industry,which is very sensitive to cost, can adopt this new technology to completeindustrial upgrading. It can be said that the water treatment technology hashad a major breakthrough due to ultrafiltration membrane.

Center on ultrafiltration membrane,Litreeindependently developed a series of products applicable to municipal watersupply, sewage treatment and reuse, terminal water purification and otherfields. The pressure vessel type ultrafiltration membrane component, immersiontype external pressure ultrafiltration membrane component, standardized smallultrafiltration equipment, large ultrafiltration module, household waterpurifier, commercial water purification equipment and so on constitute acomplete product line of each market segment. To build Litree intoa world advanced membrane separation equipment supplier and a world’s leadingwater problem solver.

Litree is determined to builditself into the “Intel” in the water treatment industry, to focus on one pointin the core technology of ultrafiltration membrane, and to open up the hugeindustry of traditional water treatment. At present, Litree ultrafiltrationmembrane technology has been world‘s leading, and is being used in more andmore large-scale water treatment projects. At the same time as a well-knownbrand of civil water purifier, Litree regards solving the household waterquality treatment as goals, and combines a variety of water treatmenttechnologies and ultrafiltration membrane technologies to form an idea of“safety” + "comfort" + "health function" as the familywater purification solutions.

Core technology innovation, productapplication innovation, service and marketing system innovation, Litree isfrom all aspects, striving towards a higher goal.

Membrane Separation Technique

Membrane is a material with selective separation function. The process of separation, purification and concentration of different components of the material and liquid is called membrane separation. It is different from traditional filtration in that the membrane can work at the molecular scale, and this process is a pure physical process, with no phase change, energy saving, small size, can be split and other features. Membrane separation technology represents the trend of the future development of water treatment, known as one of the most promising technologies in the 21st century, widely used in fermentation, pharmaceutical,plant extraction, chemical industry, water treatment process and environmental protection industry and other fields.

Membrane aperture is generally micron, according to the different aperture (or called interception molecular weight), membrane can be divided into micro filtration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane; According to the different materials, can be divided into inorganic membrane and organic membrane. Among membrane separation technologies, ultrafiltration technology is the most widely used in municipal water supply.

Membrane Retention Range Mapping
Ultrafiltration Membrane Technology

Ultrafiltration (UF) is between microfiltration and nanofiltration, with membrane pore sizes ranging from approximately 0.01 to 0.1 um. Ultrafiltration is a membrane separation technology that can purify, separate and concentrate solutions. The ultrafiltration process can usually be understood as a sieving process related to the size ofthe membrane pore size. With the pressure difference between the two sides ofthe membrane as the driving force and the ultrafiltration membrane as the filtration medium, under a certain pressure, when water flows over the membrane surface, only water molecules and small molecules smaller than the membrane pore size are allowed to pass, while large organic substances (such asproteins, bacteria), colloids, suspended solids and other substances areretained, thus achieving the purpose of purification and separation.

Theforms of ultrafiltration membranes can be divided into plate type and tubular type. Tubular ultrafiltration membranes are further divided into hollow fiber,capillary and tubular according to their diameter. At present, ultrafiltration membranes used for water treatment in the market are mainly capillary type.

Capillary Ultrafiltration Membrane
Third-party evaluation
Shen Qiuchang: “A new water treatment process with ultrafiltration technology as the core”

--The“Eleventh Five-Year Plan” Water Treatment Key Technology and Engineering Application Case Book, China Environmental Science Press.

“China has developed a high-quality and inexpensive ultrafiltration membrane with PVC material, so that the construction and operation costs of water plants built with ultrafiltration treatment process have been significantly reduced. Under the condition of good raw water quality, using ultrafiltration treatment process compared with conventional treatment process, the construction cost of the two has been basically close; ultrafiltration treatment process can already do the operation of energy consumption, drug consumption and daily management costs are lower than the current level of conventional treatment process, the difference of nearly every system 1m³ level of amortization of about 0.06 yuan of periodic membrane change costs, membrane change costs will also be with the membrane production At the same time, the effluent quality of the membrane treatment process is on a higher level, the turbidity can be stabilized below 0.1NTU, the risk of waterborne disease pathogens and eutrophication of the pipeline network will be greatly reduced, the reduction of sludge discharge and the convenience of operation and management are incomparable to the conventional process.”

(ShenQiuchang, Deputy Chief Engineer, Head of Water Supply Department, Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute)

Li Guibai and Yang Yanling: “Ultrafiltration_The Core Technology of The Third Generation Urban Drinking Water Purification Process” paper

“It can be considered that the membrane era of urban water plants has arrived,ultrafiltration will become the core technology of the third generation of urban drinking water purification process, it will be a new development direction of urban drinking water purification process.”

(Li Guibai,academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, expert in municipal engineering, is currently a professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, supervisor of doctoral students, director of the National Steering Committee of Water Supply and Drainage Engineering in Higher Education, and his main research direction is water supply and drainage treatment technology.)

PVC Alloy Ultrafiltration Membrane

Litree PVC alloy ultrafiltration membrane is a high-tech product with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company, with filtration precision up to 0.01 microns. Before the use of PVC material for membrane manufacturing, the common materials used in the market for ultrafiltration membrane manufacturing mainly include PS, PES, PVDF, PAN, etc. These material sare more expensive and require special customization and long procurement period, resulting in high manufacturing cost and time cost of ultrafiltration membrane, which makes it difficult to achieve large-scale industrial production and popular application.

In the “Tenth Five-Year Plan”, Litree successfully developed “PVC alloy capillary ultrafiltration membrane”, which overcame the world problem of industrial production of high quality ultrafiltration membrane made of ordinary PVC material and reduced the production cost and operation energy consumption of ultrafiltration membrane. PVC alloy ultrafiltration membrane has improved the filtration performance and service life of ultrafiltration membrane, which has strongly promoted the large-scale application of ultrafiltration membrane technology in the traditional water treatment industry.

This technology is a new milestone in the history of membrane separation technology development, and has established Litree and China's ultrafiltration membrane industry as a leading position in the world in the same industry. The achievement has been awarded the certificate of national key new product, the first prize of “Science and Technology Award” of Hainan Province and the first prize of “Science and Technology Award of China Membrane Industry Association”, which proves that Litree’s ultrafiltration membrane technology has reached the leading level in the industry.

PVC Composite Ultrafiltration Membrane

Membrane bioreactor (MBR), as a new technology for wastewater treatment nowadays, is increasingly used in various types of wastewater treatment. Litree has made a breakthrough in the application of membrane materials in the field of MBR, and is the first in the world to produce PVC composite ultrafiltration membrane (nylon lined with PVC) using engineering plastic - polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, and has achieved successful application in the field of MBR wastewater treatment, which reflects the stability and reliability of this ultrafiltration membrane in wastewater treatment This demonstrates the stability and reliability of this ultrafiltration membrane in wastewater treatment applications.

PVDF Ultrafiltration Membrane

Polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF) is a popular membrane material in the international market, with good resistance to oxidation, high mechanical strength, good toughness and wear resistance. After modifying PVDF material and overcoming its strong hydrophobicity, many domestic and foreign manufacturers have successfully developed low-pressure membrane with certain pollution resistance, which is currently owned and monopolized by only a few foreign manufacturers with highprice. Litreeenterprise makes use of its unique membrane making experience, fully explores the performance of PVDF material ultrafiltration membrane, develops Litree PVDF ultrafiltration membrane, product components and system with independent and independent intellectual property rights, and industrializes them on a large scale, promoting the application of membrane technology products in wastewater reuse. The water yield and anti-pollution performance of Litree PVDF ultrafiltration membrane is significantly better than similar foreign products,and has strong competitiveness and potential in domestic and international markets.

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