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Hand in Hand, We Are All Together | Litree Donated Water Purification Equipment to The Disaster-stricken Areas of Tonga to Help Solve The Drinking Water Problem


Recently, our company Hainan LitreePurifying Technology Co. , Ltd. donated a batch of 260 sets of waterpurification equipment through the China Red Cross Foundation to the disasterarea of Tonga, which has been shipped to Tonga.




With a total value of more than 1 millionRMB, this batch of water purification equipment will be used to solve problemssuch as local drinking water pollution and people's water difficulties, andhelp the people of Tonga better overcome the impact of disasters and rebuildtheir homes as soon as possible.


  Event review:



On January 15 this year, the South Pacificislands nation of Tonga were hit by the worst volcanic eruption in nearly 30years and caused a tsunami. The eruption caused an extremely severe disaster,with earthquakes and tsunamis destroying much of the country's coastline.Internet and telephone lines have been largely disabled, making it difficultfor 105,000 residents to contact the outside world, and the supply of drinkingwater is facing huge difficulties.

  72 Hours, showing Litree’s speed!


Litree was highly concerned about thedisaster in Tonga. As received contact from the Red Cross Society of China onJanuary 24, and completed the packaging and delivery on January 27.



The water purification products donated inthis event belong to the emergency rescue type, which are not produced before,so there are no standing materials. In order to meet the needs of the disasterarea, Litree immediately activated the emergency plan, and efficientlycooperated with the resources of relevant material suppliers.


In addition, taking full account of theactual situation in Tonga, emergency installation kits have been added toensure that safe and hygienic drinking water can be purified under variousconditions and effectively guarantee the local drinking water supply.


Leading brand of water purification / On the way of public welfare


As a high-tech enterprise group integratingR&D, production, manufacturing, sales and service of ultrafiltrationmembrane technology, Litree has been focusing on the water purification thatbenefits the people since its establishment. Carrying the public welfaremission with love and assuming social responsibilities.


At present, the water purificationcombination process with Litree ultrafiltration membrane technology hasobtained more than 140 core patents home and abroad. And has become the bestsupplier for global water treatment technology innovation. Our technology andservices cover many countries and regions around the world. From the source ofwater to the faucet, Litree products are widely used in municipal water supply,production water treatment, sewage treatment and reuse, urban householddrinking water purification, direct drinking water in public places and otherfields, and can provide a complete water resources full-cycle membranetreatment solution.



Relying on the leading advantages ofenterprises in water purification technology research and development,equipment manufacturing, industrial resource integration, etc., Litree feedsback the society through a series of public welfare activities. Respondingquickly every time after the disaster, and applies our own water purificationtechnology and water purification equipment to the disaster area to ensure thedrinking water safety of the people in the disaster area, and has won widesocial approval and praise.


Holding great love, public welfare inaction



During the 1998 flood, Litree donated waterpurification equipment worth 1.4 million RMB to the disaster area and set up 60water supply stations to solve the drinking water problem.



In May 2008, Litree donated 11 sets ofwater purification equipment (emergency water supply station) and 2000 portablewater purifiers worth 10 million RMB to Wenchuan disaster areas, so that localpeople could drink purified water in time. On May 27 of the same year, theJiandi Middle School in Shifang City, which was donated by Litree’s employees,was completed.



On August 7, 2009, Litree donated waterpurification equipment worth more than 300,000 RMB to the disaster area ofDanzhou, Hainan, which was hit by a typhoon.



In 2013, Litree joined with YI Foundationto provide 35 sets of water purification equipment to the Ya'anearthquake-stricken area, solving the drinking water safety problem of morethan 15,000 teachers and students.



In 2016, when many places in Hubei wereaffected by flood, Litree rushed to the area as soon as possible, donating 1million RMB and two sets of water purification equipment to Hubei MachengCharity Federation to solve the drinking water safety problem of thousands ofpeople.


Hand in hand, we are all together! Litreeinsists on the concept of human destiny community with actions, advocating andcarrying forward the spirit of public welfare. Facing to the future, Litreewill fulfill its social responsibility, not forgetting our original intentionand moving forward with determination, to let everyone drink and use safe water,and make the water on the earth beautiful again.

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